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About the Project

Joanna and I (Don) have a small shop in the Acheson Shopping Center.

For the past 5 years we’ve operated it as a small digital print and web site creation business, closed to the general public.

Following the massive Christchurch earthquakes, we have many sick people in our community who need help to rise up back to good health.

Working with our local doctor (who is in the building right next door), we’re opening our businesses to the general public and getting some staff on board to help us.


Our business goals are to create employment for our local community.  We have many unemployed people who surround us in our are who need work.

So far we’ve managed to create employment for two or three, but we’re aiming to employ 10 to 15 by the end of the year.

How Can You Help Us

1.  Get us to do some printing for you!

Visit and contact us with your needs.  We love to make smoking hot CVs, logos and print business cards for people.  We can print anything up to A3 size on our digital machines.

We’re really green.  When printing business cards, we like to make them ‘non-bleed’ so we can get as many cards as possible on a single bit of A3 card so that we don’t waste paper when cutting them out.

We also love to print single sided cards.  Our cards are all single sided so someone else has space on the card to write their details when handing out your card.  Many times I’ve been caught short without enough cards in my wallet.  When that happens I just share love and give someeleses card out with my details on it.

Ask us about a ‘card stamp’.

2.  Get us to build and host web sites for you.

We make and host web sites.  We like to specalise on sites that rise people up onto the Internet.  Our hosting starts at $45 (plus GST) dollars per year for a non-profit (ie personal) web site and range up to as much as you need to spend to get the right performance on to the net.  Visit or give us a call and we’ll get you underway.

3.  Drop off your coffee cups and coffee cards to us

We support “Project Coffee Cup To Tree”.  Drop your coffee cups to us and we’ll get them filled with dirt, a seed and on the way to being a tree!

You can also help our team by just sending us your half full coffee cards.  Just throw them in an enverlop and address them to Project Coffee Cup To Tree, c/o 31 Acheson Ave, Mairehau, 8013.

Who’s helped us so far…

In the front door of our shop we’ve put a notice board in the window with details of the people and companies that have helped us in the last few weeks.  Shortly we’ll have a camera pointing at that window and a bit list on our site of those people so you can support those who are supporting us.



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